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Employees are implementing an engineering-led IT strategy to deliver stable, secure, scalable and innovative services that provide round-the-clock access to banking, online banking, ATMs and other channels for Wells Fargo's global customers. Wealth, Investment Management and Technology, which aims to automate the testing and development of new technologies, products and services for the financial services industry. We use advanced technology methods to integrate our technology domain with other technology areas, enabling the creation of a new and expanding heterogeneous environment.

The collection of performance statistics is intended to help identify the hardware and communication tools needed to support the forecast transaction volume of the bank's online and mobile banking services.

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Potential candidates should be able to live or commute to work in Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota, or the Twin Cities area.

Join a diverse and inclusive team where you feel valued and inspired to contribute your unique skills and experience. This position will be part of a team of Service - Oriented Architecture specialized in customized applications. In this role, you will build relaxing web services in Java, develop automated testing, and work with other team members in a variety of roles.

Wells Fargo Technology is critical to the success of Wells Fargo's global financial services business and is a key component to keeping it diversified and competitive.

Provide guidance and guidance to less experienced staff in customer service, customer support, and customer loyalty and support.

Less experienced staff in customer service, customer support, and customer loyalty and support will receive guidance and guidance. The ideal candidate will have good problem solving skills, work well in a team, have good communication skills and have worked well with teams.

Please make sure that your contact details (e-mail and telephone number) are up to date during the application process. Please upload your current CV when submitting your application for examination. If the candidate successfully passes a criminal background check, there will be no Wells Fargo offer.