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I thought my car needed a major repair and was worried if I could trust a repair. The technician worked hard to find the cause, the repair was done quickly and at a fair price and everything worked perfectly when everything was ready. I am worried that I cannot or will not do some things, so I looked for another car to take its place until I did.

The only thing I didn't like was that a new hose had to be installed, but if not, it would affect the new radiator, so the hose has to be made. There should be no parts or labour costs involved when you do radiator work, they just inform you of the current condition of your vehicle and give you the opportunity to repair it if you feel that a repair is necessary. You do everything to work with your warranty and do the work by making the parts without any cost.

From what I have heard from others, the prices are reasonable, but the work could have been much more, so it must be done at a fair price. I had to work hard on my car and the guys from Midas reassured me and always took the time to explain what to do and make sure my vehicle was in a safe condition. They do it within the budget you need to keep costs to a minimum and their prices were reasonable.

They did not condescend to help me understand the diagnosis of my problem and recommended the service. I listened to the recommendations of other clients and appreciated their opinions as they were honest and informative about existing and future problems.

Jeff has a lot of industry experience and his expertise has made me feel like he knew exactly what was needed. He was very professional and answered all my questions with honest information and proved that he knows the perfect repair.

My vehicle is now running great and I know where to take it every time a repair is needed and I will bring my business to this location. I did this after taking my vehicle to the dealer for maintenance and it went great And now I'm happy with that.

Jeff and his team do a great job and our prices are competitive with other stores in the area. We do all our services at a very reasonable price and if anything else is wrong, please let us know and we will do everything to give you the price. It is a simple estimate, but if we are told that, we can do it at a price that is competitive compared to any other business in our region and it is free.

This was my first time with Midas and I was very pleased with them and they were professional and punctual, although for some reason they took a quarter of an hour longer the last time. I did not do the recommended work because it broke down, but I will return and inform others and return if I want to disassemble my car to get a quote. If you do not have any other cover, you can have the repair done at one of our locations and we will do it for you.

The service is really good, and they are based on a proven, consistent customer care. I say this because of the customer service I have received from them and the quality of their products and services.

Galen, the manager, was very helpful in answering questions and very accommodating in making an appointment for me. I could answer questions from them and arrange appointments with them for a variety of things, such as food, clothing and other things.

I wish I could remember his name, but he gave me the best customer service anyone has ever given me. I think that is a thing of the past and if you do not do business with this excellent establishment, you do not do business.

I have been going to this place for years because, as a single woman, I have found it polite, honest and respectful. It makes me feel like I'm constantly needed and it means a lot to me to have a place with a car I can rely on. I # ve had my car and my wife's car service here for some time, and this guy does it every time I feel like I need it.

Yesterday I had an appointment to change my oil and since I was running way behind, Andrew gave me the oil for free. My wife does other tyre work for me occasionally, but she changes the oil and changes the oil for us.

He let me know that he knew what was wrong and explained what would happen if I did not repair my car on the same day. He told me that he could help me out with water, coffee and soda most of the time, but he did not put pressure on me to fix it. I let him know how long it would take and he told him that water and coffee or soda would help him for the rest of the day and the next day.

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